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 Created in 1991, the Mechanical and Civil Engineering Laboratory (LMGC) depends on the CNRS and on the Montpellier University. It distinguishes itself, on the one hand, through original thematics based on fundamental questionning, and on the other hand, through more recent thematics based on interactions with biology, chemistry and environmental sciences. Those thematics conciliate structuring research to applied research, integrating innovation and answering some questionning of industry, health and environment fields The LMGC is organized around seven research teams :

Welding (AS)
Biomechanic of Interactions and Organization of Tissus and Cells (BIOTIC)
Wood (BOIS)
Mathematics and Modelisation in Mechanics (M3)
Physics and Mechanics of Divided Materials (PMMD)
Innovative Structures, Geomaterials, Ecoconstruction (SIGECO)
ThermoMechanics of Materials (ThM2)

To give access to its scientific production, the LMGC is strongly committed to Open Access and chose to deposit all of its scientific documents on HAL. We therefore invite you to discover, through this collection, over 30 years of scientific production !






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